Asubuy consolidation, providing you with comprehensive services
It can provide insurance services for freight forwarders during the whole journey of transportation.
  • STEP 1
    Freight estimate
    Shopping on Taobao tmall and other websites
  • STEP 2
    Send an order
    Send the baby to our warehouse
  • STEP 3
    Order Tutorial
    Visit our website to add package forecast
Speed, price, security, bring you intimate service
Eight Service Advantages to Make You More Confident
  • Free assembly and separation
    Save you more postage
  • Parcel tracking
    Domestic and foreign parcels, automatic tracking; one key to query the status of goods
  • Weigh in advance
    Weighing in the warehouse allows you to predict the weight of the package in advance and save money
  • Free storage
    Free storage for half a year
  • Perfect after sale
    One to one customer service, let you get a faster reply
  • Automatic notification
    Package operation status, timely and automatic notification without active inquiry
  • WeChat order
    Directly scan wechat QR code to register and log in; once bound, you can place an order permanently
  • High cost performance
    0 service fee, 0 customs clearance fee