Can cosmetics be sent to Australia? How do I send cosmetics to Australia?

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With the development of international trade, more and more people begin to buy cosmetics from abroad. However, for many people, there is no small doubt about how to mail cosmetics abroad, especially Australia. This article will explain whether cosmetics can be shipped to Australia and how to do so.

Cosmetics express to Australia

1. Can cosmetics be sent to Australia?

Agreed. According to the regulations of Australia Post, individuals can send non-dangerous goods that meet the relevant regulations, including some cosmetics. However, it is important to note that different cosmetics may have different restrictions on mailing. For example, some cosmetics containing alcohol may not be delivered because alcohol is flammable.

2: How to mail cosmetics?

①. Know the mailing policy

Before you ship cosmetics to Australia, read Australian Customs regulations carefully to make sure you understand the mailing requirements and restrictions. This can avoid unnecessary trouble and expense.

②. Choose a reliable delivery company

Because cosmetics are sensitive goods in international freight, the four common international express generally do not accept the mailing of such items. However, there are a number of logistics companies that specialize in sending sensitive items such as cosmetics to Australia. For example, our Asubuy consolidation, our company provides warehousing services, providing 90 days of free warehousing, customers can contact the staff, declare the items mailed in the system, do not worry about the purchase of too many items and can not be uniformly sent.

③. Pack and label properly

Cosmetics usually have three types of liquid, paste, powder, so before mailing cosmetics, it is necessary to pack reasonably to prevent leakage, and use appropriate stuffing and protective materials when packaging to avoid collision and damage during the mailing process. At the same time, properly label the cosmetics in the package, clearly stating its content and use.

3: Why choose Asubuy consolidation for mailing?

Asubuy is an international shipping company specializing in providing international mail services from China to Australia, and has extensive experience in mailing cosmetics. It not only provides fast and safe transportation, but also pays more attention to professional logistics management to ensure the safe arrival of cosmetics at their destination. In addition, our professional team will provide suitable packaging solutions according to the characteristics and requirements of cosmetics.

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