Introduction to the mailing of Australia's centralized transportation snacks

作者:asubuy 发布时间:2023-03-01

Many children in foreign countries will miss the snacks in their hometown. The snacks in China are really childhood memories. Every time I want to show off my snacks, it's really easy to send them abroad through centralized transportation. What should I pay attention to when I introduce snacks to you?

First of all, we should let you know that snacks are sensitive goods. Compared with ordinary goods, we need to add 5 yuan/kg per kilogram. If the snacks are transported by sea, they also need to be packaged by regular manufacturers. Secondly, we should also pay attention to the following points when mailing:

1. Choose foods with long shelf life and broad storage conditions, and send less liquid powder foods

Such as spicy chips, dried meat, candy, potato chips, whelk and lion powder, etc

2. Try to choose snacks with low risk

For example, self heating hot pot, Laoganma, soaking chicken feet, instant noodles with Soy egg, etc.

3. Control the quantity of mail and mix it with common goods

When there are a lot of goods by mail, mixed mail can also help save money

4. The details of the receipt must be completed

The postal code of the recipient should be known in advance, the customer service should be informed, and the freight should be estimated for you. The recipient address should be accurate, so as to ensure that your goods arrive at the destination on time and accurately.

Photos of popular snacks transported to Australia

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