Centralized transportation is not as bad as expected

作者:asubuy 发布时间:2023-03-17

    When you select a collection company, you often see classmates who share their collection and lost their goods, or whose customer service is missing again, which leads you to worry about whether you will encounter such problems when you select a collection company. Over time, you will feel that the collection company is very poor.

But in fact, it's not true. Formal freight companies have a complete user service system. We should know that customers are our best propagandists, so we have been committed to giving customers the best experience. What experience? That is, we will show the customer service a complete display of the goods before delivery, and check all the goods before delivery. Before the customer receives the goods, we will not give up the service to the customer. Whether we need to return or exchange the goods after the goods arrive, we should think for the customer. Only in this way can more and more customers choose us, and this can bring back the reputation of our industry.

    To avoid stepping on the pit, I recommend you to use Asubuy for safe and fast transportation. Here are our service advantages

1. We provide free combined and separated services and are committed to saving more postage for customers.

2. We have package tracking service, domestic and foreign packages, automatic tracking; One-click query of goods status can save customers worry.

3. Weigh in advance and weigh in warehouse, so that customers can predict the weight of packages in advance and save more money.

4. Free storage, providing 90 days of free storage service.

5. Perfect after-sales service, we have many-to-one customer service, so that you can get a faster response.

6. Automatic notification, package operation status, timely automatic notification without active inquiry.

7. Place an order on WeChat, directly scan WeChat QR code to register and log in; Once binding, you can permanently place an order, which is simple and easy to operate.

8. High cost performance. Zero service fee, zero customs declaration fee.

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