How is centralized transportation operated? And precautions

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The old customers have basically been familiar with the operation process and precautions of the centralized transportation. This article is mainly for Jimei people who have just come into contact with the centralized transportation or are about to be transported.

The operation process and precautions of centralized transportation: the operation process of centralized transportation is very simple. The customer first selects the corresponding centralized transportation inquiry. The inquiry needs to provide the general information such as the name, weight, size, and country of shipment. Let's focus on the size and weight. The size is very important. There are two methods for calculating international parts, one is the actual weight, the other is the volume weight, The actual weight and volume weight are charged according to which one is higher. Size is the only standard to measure the volume weight. Here we share a formula for calculating the volume weight: length * width * height * / 6000. There are also many consolidations whose volume is divided by 5000. Knowing this calculation formula, Jimei can roughly calculate the cost according to their own package situation. Special attention should be paid to whether there are additional charges (such as large delivery fees, remote address fees, fuel costs, etc.) for large packages), In order to avoid wasting time and energy due to exceeding the budget.

After the price is determined, the next process is relatively simple. The centralized transportation will provide the receiving address, send the package according to the address, and arrange the packing, calculate the expenses, and pay for the shipment when the goods arrive at the centralized transportation warehouse. There are several points needing attention here: first, fragile and vulnerable goods need to be packed by themselves. There are not too many packaging materials in the consolidation warehouse, so don't have too much expectation on the consolidation report. Second: the address information must be checked completely to avoid missing or missing parcels due to incomplete information. It is better to provide an English address (the four express delivery requirements must be in English). Third: carefully check the expenses.

The operation process and precautions of the centralized transportation have been simply explained. If you don't understand, you can leave a message at any time and reply

  报错 笔记双语对照 
集运 gather (goods, materials, etc.) together and transport
注意事项 note ; matters needing attention ; points for attention
很简单 Easy ; Simple
询价 enquiry
货物名称 description column ; description of goods ; description ; type of merchandise
大致 roughly ; on the whole ; approximately ; more or less
收取 collect ; gather